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Forma d.o.o. Cerknica

 Photo gallery

I. Finvest (CRO)

II. Vrbovsko (CRO)

III. Brst (SLO)

IV. Efektiv (CRO)

V. Proles (SLO)

VI. Bukovinski (CRO)

  VIDEO gallery


Lath optimisation

Manual cross cut saws

Rip saws

Lifting tables


Vacuum devices

PHOTO-gallery, VIDEO-gallery and  reference list

Photo-gallery,  video-gallery and reference

  Six Photo galleries and video clips to show te cutting technology

Photos and video clips fromcompaies: Finvest d.d. CRO, DI, Vrbovsko - CRO, Brst d.o.o, Črniče-SLO, Efektiv d.o.o. Vinkovci - CRO, Proles d.o.o. NM - SLO, Bukovinski d.o.o. Zagreb - CRO.

  Reference list of vthe companies, which useig ours solutions of technology and equipment

List of SLO,  CRO, BiH, and others companies, ours clinets.

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