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TransLyft program

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Hydraulic LIFTING TABLES (program TransLyft)


  Hydraulic lifting tables

Hydraulic lifting tables are CE marked. They are manufactured in accordance with rules for lifring tables and conform to the EU machine directory and EN 1570. All steel is cleaned,primed with rust-preventing paint and coatedd with 2.component polyuethane lacquer. The bottom frame and platform are finished in Blue RAL 5015, and the scissors in Orabge RAL 2003, providing a tough and wear-resistent surface. A pressure compensating adjustable lowering valve for full adjustment of the lowering speed is fitted as standard.

The lifting tables are conveniant selfsupporting device, fixed in the floor or build  into the special pit.  (In case  to pit, dimension of the pit are; platform length + 30 mm, width +30 mm, deep= hight +10mm). Details about the pit ...

The tables are designed for a power supply width 3 x 415V/50Hz + earth + 0. The voltage an all functions is 24V DC. The with the control PCB is sealed according to IP 65, while the table as a whole is IP 54. All motors have 1400 rpm, which means that the motor has a long life and a low noise level for the power system. All tables fulfil current noise level requirements and lie at around 52-58 dBA. Hydroagregat and comlete electro equipment is build into the table between the scissors.

The security equipment including an aluminium safety tri bar, emergency stop valve on cylinders and two maintenance safety bars lock the table during service and repairs.

The  standard lifting tables  are built for cca 10 lifts per hour with full loar and in 8 hours per day.  For intensive use ae quote tables with special features.

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